March 1 to June 25, 2017

At the Bronx Museum’s Terrace, Arlene Slavin will present a group of sculptures from Intersections, a series that plays off the principle of the sundial. In these works, Slavin employs crisscrossed, translucent colored webs which remain stable, while the shadow created by the works is in perpetual change. On bright days, the colors are vibrant, while on cloudier days, the colors are muted. At noon, the shadows are short and squat, but as the hours pass, the image lengthens as the sun moves across the arc of the sky. In addition to the works on the Terrace, Slavin will also create a site-specific installation with colored films on the windows in the Museum’s Second Floor, producing a modern riff on stained glass.

Installation view, Arlene Slavin: Intersections at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Photo credit Christopher Alzapiedi.